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Rusalka (Rusalka) CZ - 1901 2*
Antonín Dvořák 1841 - 1904 CZ 1*
First performance at Praha N on 31 March 1901
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In Czech, the word 'rusalka' designates 'a bewitched and bewitching feminine creature'. The nymph Rusalka longs to have a human body and soul in order to express her love for a young prince and be loved by him. A witch comes to her aid, but not without certain consequences. Instantly fascinated by the lyricism of this impressionist libretto written by Jaroslav Kvapil in 1899, Antonín Dvořák composed a magnificent opera in which each character is distinguished by his or her own motif. The power of its orchestration, the vigour of its rhythms and the richness of its melodies help convey even the most subtle feelings. This opera is a poetic portrait depicting the love of two beings who destroyed themselves by penetrating each other's universes. It also evokes the solitude and melancholy of men, whose minds sometimes produce fanciful representations of women.
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