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La Cenerentola (Cinderella) IT - 1817 3*
Gioacchino Rossini 1792 - 1868 IT 3*
Opera buffa : Comic opera with everyday settings and local dialects contrasting the formal, aristocratic opera seria.
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Synopsis - Top
Act 1
Scene 1: the house of Cinderella's father, the Baron of Montefiascone.
Cinderella, who is shunned by her stepsisters has been reduced to the role of a maid, takes pity on a beggar, who is actually the Prince's friend Alidoro in disguise. Cinderella and the Prince meet and fall in love while he is disguised as his own valet, Dandini, delivering invitations to the ball he is about to give. Meanwhile, Cinderella's stepsisters, Clorinda and Thisbe, decide that the Prince must surely fall prey to their charms, but little do they know that the person they think is the Prince is actually the valet Dandini, who has switched places with his master. Cinderella pleads with her father and sisters to go to the Prince's ball, but they will not listen to her and tell her to clean the house instead. However, the beggar, who is really Alidoro, agrees to help her.

Scene 2: the Prince's palace, at the ball.
The Prince, who is still disguised as Dandini the valet, has discovered that Clorinda and Thisbe could never make him happy, but is enthralled with the arrival of a beautiful but unknown lady, who is actually Cinderella. Clorinda and Thisbe are dreadfully jealous of the unknown lady, especially since she reminds them of Cinderella, and therefore try even harder to capture the heart of Dandini, whom they still believe to be the Prince.

Act 2
Scene 1
Don Magnifico has been appointed by Dandini as the supervisor of his cellars and with the aid of the men of the court, writes a decree stating that the wine should not be watered down. Dandini asks Cinderella to marry him. However, she declines, confessing that she is actually in love with his "valet". The Prince overhears her, and comes forth with his own proposal. Cinderella tells him that he must find out her true identity before she can consent to marry him, although she loves him. She gives him a bracelet which matches one she is wearing. Dandini, in the meantime, confesses to the girls' father that he is a mere valet and not a prince at all, and so cannot marry any of his daughters.

Scene 2
The Prince and Dandini, this time as their true selves, seek refuge from a storm (brought about by the incantations of Alidoro) in the Baron's home. While they are there, Clorinda, Thisbe and the Baron order Cinderella around to provide for the Prince's comforts. However, the Prince notices the bracelet that she wears, which matches the one he cherishes from the beautiful stranger at the ball. The Baron and the sisters do not understand the situation and are rude to Cinderella, whereupon the Prince threatens them.

Scene 3: the Prince's palace
All is made clear to the Baron and his daughters. They are granted the Prince's pardon through Cinderella's intervention, and the opera ends happily.
Roles - Top
AngelinaMezzosopranoF-M Cenerentola
Prince RamiroTenorM-M Principe di Salerno
DandiniBaritoneM-L Valet to the Prince
Don MagnificoBassM-VL Cenerentola's stepfather, barone di Montefiascone
AlidoroBassM-VL Philosopher and former tutor to the Prince
ClorindaSopranoF-H Don Magnifico's older daughter
TisbeMezzosopranoF-M Don Magnifico's younger daughter
Arias - Top
Act 1: Scn 1: No, no, no (O figlie amabili aria) 1*
Scn 2: Miei rampolli femminini
Scn 3: Tutto è deserto... Un soave non so che
Scn 4: Una volta c'era...
Scn 5: Non so che dir.
Scn 6: Scegli la sposa
Scn 7: Sì, tutto cangerà. Quel folle orgoglio
Scn 8: Ma bravo, bravo, bravo
Scn 9: Ora sono da voi. Scommetterei
Scn 10: Conciossiacosacché trenta botti già gustò
Scn 11: Zitto, zitto: piano, piano
Scn 12: Principino, dove siete?
Scn 13: Venga, inoltri, avanzi il pie
Scn 14: Ah! se velata ancor
Scn 15: Signora Altezza, in tavola
Act 2: Scn 1: Sia qualunque delle figlie
Scn 2: Ah! questa bella incognita
Scn 3: La notte è omai vicina
Scn 4: Mi seconda il destino. Amor pietoso
Scn 5: Una volta c'era un re
Scn 6: Ma! ve l'avevo detto...
Scn 7: Svergognata mia prole!
Scn 8: Son qui
Scn 9: Dunque noi siam burlate?
Scn 10: Della Fortuna instabile