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Acis and Galatea UK - 1718
George Frideric Handel 1685 - 1759 DE 3*
Azione teatrale : Small-scale one-act opera or musical play. Early form of chamber opera.
English libretto - German translation - Spanish translation
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Act 1
In the pastoral land of nymphs and shepherds, Galatea, a sea nymph who is partly divine, loves the shepherd Acis. The two pursue each other, and, with the help of the shepherd Damon, finally become lovers.

Act 2
The chorus warns Acis and Galatea of the jealous monster Polyphemus, who loves Galatea. The gruff Polyphemus threatens to woo Galatea forcibly, but the shepherd, Coridon, counsels Polyphemus to use gentler means to win Galatea's heart. Acis decides to fight Polyphemus despite Damon's warnings. Acis and Galatea swear eternal love. But the enraged Polyphemus interrupts and violently kills Acis. Galatea mourns, but the chorus reminds her of her half-divine status. She exerts her powers, transforming Acis into a beautiful fountain, as the chorus celebrates his immortality.