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Franco Faccio Franco Faccio
1840 - 1891 IT
Born: 8/03/1840, Verona IT
Died: 21/07/1891, Monza IT
Born in Verona, Faccio became known as a conductor of Verdi works. He studied music in Milan and after finishing his studies began his career as a composer, writing "I Profughi Fiamminghi" (Milan, 1863) and "Amleto" (Genoa, 1865), the latter being one of the many operas based on Shakespeare's "Hamlet". Both operas failed to achieve success either among the critics or the general public. However the Marcia Funebre composed for the "Amleto" is considered as an important example of Facios' lyricism and has been transcribed for woodwind band. In Corfu the Philarmonic Society of Corfu performs this part on the epitaphy of St. Spyridon which takes place in the morning of Holy Saturday. In 1867 he became director of the Milan Conservatory and in 1872 he was nominated director of Milan's Teatro alla Scala. Faccio conducted the first Italian executions of Verdi's operas "Aida" (1872) and "Otello" (1887), and he was also the conductor of the London premiere of "Otello". Faccio died in Monza at age 51.
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